Online Banking Conversion Information


Online and Mobile Banking has gone through some big changes and we want to make sure you’re up to date on the latest information! We have many educational videos below, filled with information about the new and improved Online and Mobile Banking and how to use the system.


If you have not logged into the new online banking yet, you will use your normal Login ID for the User ID and the last 6 digits of the primary account holder's social security number for the password. After you have logged in, you'll be prompted to select new security questions.

If you’re not sure if you are enrolled, or need any assistance with the login process, please contact our Technical Support team. Technical Support can be reached by email at or by phone at (859) 231-9300, option 7.

If you use the Mobile App, please search for and download our new App from the App Store or Google Play and delete the old app from your phone. It will look like the icon below:

If you use Bill Pay, please make sure that any scheduled payments are still present and to verify your merchant information.

If you used E-Notices or Electronic Account Alerts, please setup any Account Alerts that you would like to.

If you had recurring transfers setup on your account, please make sure that these converted properly.  



Paying bills and people has never been easier! Now, all of your merchants and friends can be paid from one convenient place. With this new system, some popular merchants can even accept Same Day Payments or Overnight Checks!


That's right! You are now able to deposit checks to your Greater Kentucky Credit Union account - no matter where you are! This feature will make banking a convenient and easy task for you and your family.


Do you have accounts at other institutions? You can use your Greater Kentucky Credit Union online banking to move money to or from your other accounts and your account with us!


If you have a smart phone, you can use fingerprint and facial recognition to access your mobile app! Logging in will be much quicker and you won't be prompted to type your password every time you login.


Need to check your balance, but don't need to see everything? You can enable Instant Balance from your app! This will allow you to check the account balances you want to see without requiring any login information.


Click on any of the buttons below to begin watching helpful tutorials about these subjects!

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Mobile Banking

Mobile Deposit


We’re sure you have a lot of questions about the new Online and Mobile Banking, so we’ve put together some frequently asked questions that may help! If you have a question that you don’t see listed, please email us at


  • General Questions
    Question Answer
    Why did GTKY changing my Online Banking? In an effort to better serve our membership, we have invested in new Online and Mobile Banking technology to make banking easier and more convenient than ever for you. Our new Online Banking and Bill Payment system offers more features, more convenience, and more control to customers who wish to bank and pay bills online.
    Will there be a cost for the new features? No. Online and Mobile Banking will continue to be free to our members. If you opt to utilize some of the available features, there may be fees assessed per transaction that will vary.
    Will transfers that I have established be made after the conversion date? Yes. All pending, scheduled, and recurring transfers will be converted to the new system.
    Will my account nicknames be transferred over to the new system? No. While all of your GTKY accounts will transfer over, the nicknames assigned to these accounts will not transfer over.
    How much of my account history will be present in the new Online Banking? You will have 400 days of account and loan history available. This does not include Bill Pay, PopMoney, message, or notice history.
    Will I have to re-enroll in E-Statements? No. If you were previously enrolled, you will still receive E-Statements.
    Will I still have my E-Statement history available? Yes. If you were previously enrolled in E-Statements, you will have up to 12 month of statements available.
    How do I enroll in E-Statements? To enroll in E-Statements, you’ll need to login to your Online Banking. From the “Accounts” screen, you may click on any account or loan. Click the “Online Statements” link towards the right of your account detail. This link will redirect you to another site and ask you to complete prompts to finish enrollment.
    Can I access my accounts from my phone, tablet, or computer? Yes. You can download our new app to your phone or tablet, as well as be able to access the online browser site through your phone, tablet, or computer.


  • Logging In and Enrollment
    Question Answers
    I am already enrolled in Online Banking. What will I use for my Login ID and Password the first time I login? Your Login ID will be the same ID you used in the previous Online Banking system and your password will be the last 6 digits of the primary account holder’s social security number. You will then be prompted to change your password, choose security questions, and accept the Online Banking Terms & Conditions.
    What if I previously enrolled in Online Banking, but never logged in? You will need to enroll in Online Banking again.
    How do I enroll in Online Banking? You’ll simply look for the “enroll in online banking” link to begin. You will be required to put in the member number, social security number, and last name of the primary account holder. You will then be prompted to setup your login information and accept the Online Banking Terms & Conditions.
    How do I change my password? If this is your first time logging into the new Online Banking, you will need to use the last 6 digits of the primary member’s social security number. If this is not your first time logging in, you will click the “Forgot Password” link and follow the prompts to complete the process.
    Who do I call if I have issues logging into or enrolling in Online Banking? For technical assistance, you can contact Technical Support at (859) 231-9300, option 7. Technical Support is available from 9 AM – 4 PM Monday – Friday and 9 AM – 1 PM Saturday.


Please watch the Bill Pay video guide for additional questions.

  • Bill Pay
    Question Answer
    If I previously used Bill Pay, will I have to enroll again? No. To use Bill Pay, you’ll click on the “Pay Bills” tab to access your payment center.
    If I previously used Bill Pay, will my payees transfer over? Yes. Bill Pay payees will transfer over to the new system. In rare instances, a biller may not transfer. If this happens, just click “Add a Company or Person” and search for or enter the payee information.
    When will the funds from bill payments be deducted from my account? The new system will deduct funds on the day the payment is received by your biller. It is important to keep this in mind, so you don’t think those funds are available to you and end up overdrawing the account.
    Will my recurring payments be transferred over? Yes. Any recurring payments that you have set up will be present in the new Online Banking.
    What if I never used Bill Pay in the old system? If you have never used Bill Pay and would like to use Bill Pay, then you’ll just click on “Pay Bills” to start adding billers and payment information.
    When are the cut off times for Bill Pay? For standard and Same Day Bill Payments, the cut off time is 10 PM EST. For Overnight checks, the cut off time is 4 PM EST.
    Is there a fee for Bill Pay? No. While faster payment methods will have additional fees, standard Bill Payments are at no cost.
    What are the delivery payment options available? Some merchants may allow Same Day Payments or Overnight Checks. This is dependent on the biller and is not up to the Credit Union. Please refer to the payment calendar for your biller once the new system is available to see the soonest possible payment date.
    When I schedule my payment, how do I know which date to select? The date you choose for a payment will be the “deliver by” date. This means that the payment would by delivered to the payee by the date you select.
    Can I set up recurring payments? Yes. Once you have added your biller to your payment center, you can select the “AutoPay” link from the biller’s row. This will allow you to setup automatic payments to the selected biller at the amount and time interval you choose.


Please watch the PopMoney video guide for additional questions.

  • PopMoney
    Question Answer
    What is PopMoney? PopMoney is an easy way to transfer money to or request money from people you know. All you need is their phone number or email address!
    If I have previously used PopMoney, will my contacts be transferred over? No. PopMoney contacts will not be transferred to the new system.
    Will my pending and recurring payments be converted over? No. All pending and recurring payments in PopMoney will need to be added again to the new Online Banking platform.
    If I have previously used PopMoney, will my history be transferred over? No. PopMoney history will not be transferred to the new system.
    Does the other person I want to send money to/request money from have to bank with GTKY? No. The payment or request will prompt a text message or email to the person which includes a link that they can follow to input their bank account information to send the requested funds or to deposit the funds to their account.
    How many days does it take for the recipient to receive the funds? When setting up the payment, you’ll have a “Next Day Delivery” option, as well as a “Standard 3 Day Delivery” option.
    How long does the recipient have to accept or send the funds? When sending a payment, the recipient has 10 calendar days to accept/deposit the funds. When requesting money, the request is valid for 30 days regardless of the requested due date.
    What if the recipient doesn’t accept the funds I’ve sent? When do I get my money back? The payment will be returned to your account 2 business days after it fails or expires.
    How many people can I request money from at once if we’re splitting an expense? You can request money from up to 5 contacts in one transaction, making it easy to split the bill.
    Can I setup recurring payments? Yes. You will have the option to setup recurring payments for the time interval and amount you designate.
    What is the limit for PopMoney transactions? The PopMoney limit is externally managed and is dependent on your use of PopMoney. To view your limits once the new system is available, you’ll click “Pay People” to access PopMoney. From the “Send Money” tab, you’ll see a “View Limits” link where you can click to view this information.
    What are the cut off times for PopMoney? The cut off for Next Day Delivery is 10 PM EST. The Standard 3 Day Delivery cut off is 1 AM of the next morning.
    Is there a fee for PopMoney? Yes. If you choose to send or request money through PopMoney, a small fee will be incurred for each transaction. The amount of this fee is dependent on the amount you are sending/requesting and the chosen delivery speed.


Please watch the TransferNow video guide for additional questions.

  • External Transfers
    Question Answers
    What is an External Transfer? An External Transfer simply moves money from one institution to an outside account at another institution.
    Will I now be able to transfer to my others accounts at other financial institutions? Yes. As long as you are the owner of the external account, you will be able to add this account and verify it to use for External Transfers.
    Do I have to be the account holder to setup the account for External Transfers? Yes. Adding the account to use for External Transfers will require you to verify that you are an owner of the account. You may choose to verify your account instantly with your other institution’s Online Banking login, or by trial deposits.
    Can you transfer from accounts with other financial institutions, as well as transfer to them? Yes. Transfers can be completed to/from your external account and your accounts at GTKY.
    Can I transfer from one external account to another external account? No. All External Transfers must be either to or from one of your accounts at GTKY.
    Can I make my loan payment from my account at another institution? Not directly. External Transfers can only be sent from or deposited to Savings, Checking, Money Market, and Brokerage accounts. You can however transfer to your Savings or Checking account from another external account and then internally transfer the funds to your loan payment. Please be aware of the delivery date as External Transfers are not immediate.
    How long does it take to complete an External Transfer? Depending on your account, you may have two delivery options for External Transfers, Standard 3 Day Delivery and Next Day Delivery.
    What are the cut off times for External Transfers? The cut off time for Next Day Delivery is 8 PM EST. Standard 3 Day Delivery is cut off at 1 AM of the following morning.
    Is there a fee for External Transfers? There is a fee assessed per transaction and is dependent on your chosen delivery option.


Please watch the Mobile Banking video guide for additional questions.

  • Mobile Banking
    Question Answer
    Will the app I currently have on my phone still work? No. You will need to delete the old application from your phone and download the new application from the Apple Store or Google Play.
    Will I be able to change my password on the app? Yes. You will be able to change your password from the browser site or the app.
    Can I download the app from a tablet? Yes. There will be a tablet version available.
    Will I be able to make bill payments and pay people from my app? Yes. Bill Pay and PopMoney are available through the app.
    Will I be able to make External Transfers through the app? Yes. You can add external accounts, verify accounts, and make external transfers with the mobile app.
    Will the app allow me to use Touch ID or Face ID? Yes. The app will allow you to setup Touch ID and Face ID preferences once you have logged in.
    Can I deposit checks via the mobile app? Yes. You will be able to deposit checks remotely via the app.
    Can I enroll for Online and Mobile Banking through the app? Yes. You can begin at either the browser site or the app to enroll as a first time user.


Please watch the Mobile Deposit video guide for additional questions.

  • Mobile Deposit
    Question Answer
    What is Mobile Deposit? Mobile Deposit is a free service that allows you to make convenient, secure deposits to your account, simply by taking pictures of your check with your mobile device.
    How does Mobile Deposit work? Mobile Deposit allows you to take photos of the front and back of the check and submit the images for deposit. The images are transferred to the Credit Union and processed to clear electronically.
    Who is eligible for Mobile Deposit? To be eligible for Mobile Deposit, you must be enrolled in Online Banking, download the new Mobile App on a compatible device, accept the terms and conditions, and be in good standing with the Credit Union. To be in good standing includes loan or credit card account with us is not delinquent more than 30 days, Deposit accounts are not overdrawn more than 30 days, must have a current email address, physical address, and phone number on file with us, Account is not dormant, and has never caused a loss to the Credit Union.
    What types of accounts can I make deposits to? Checking and Savings accounts are the only types of accounts that are eligible for Mobile Deposit. If you wish to transfer the funds to another account after the funds have cleared, you can do so through your Online Banking.
    How do I sign up for Mobile Deposit? There is no enrollment required for Mobile Deposit. If you do not already have the new app from the App Store, you can download it for free to begin using the feature.
    What kind of mobile devices can be used? GTKY’s mobile app is compatible with Apple and Android devices.
    How much can I deposit using Mobile Deposit? You can deposit up to $4,000 per deposit and/or $4,000 per day.
    If I use Mobile Deposit, when will the funds be available? In most cases, $200 of your deposit will be available at the time the deposit is posted to your account. The remaining amount over $200 will be released 2 business days after the date of deposit. An extended hold may be placed if we have reason to doubt collectability of the check.
    When will Mobile Deposits be processed? Mobile Deposits are processed every business day between 9 AM and 4 PM. Mobile Deposits are not processed on Saturday, Sunday, or Federal Holidays.
    What is a business day? Business days are Monday through Friday, not including Saturday, Sunday, or Federal Holidays.
    How should I endorse my check? You should include the payee’s (your) signature, followed by “For Mobile Deposit Only at GTKYCU”. If the check does not have this endorsement, the deposit will be rejected.
    What types of checks can I deposit Eligible deposits include checks drawn on or payable through or at an office of a bank or credit union, Federal Reserve Bank or Federal Home Loan Bank, The Treasury of the United States, etc. Please refer to the Mobile Deposit Service Agreement for a full list of acceptable deposits.
    What types of checks are not accepted? Deposits that are not eligible for Mobile Deposit include checks without “For Mobile Deposit Only at GTKYCU” under the endorsement, checks made payable to someone other than the account owner, checks made payable to cash, stale or postdated checks, unsigned checks, foreign bank or currency checks, altered checks, etc. Please refer to the Mobile Deposit Service Agreement for a full list of unacceptable deposits.
    How long should I hold on to my check after I deposit it using Mobile Deposit? We recommend that you store your check in a safe place for 30 days to ensure the deposit is accepted and the transaction processes. Once you have confirmed that the check has posted and settled to your account, you’ll need to write “Electronically Presented” or “Void” on the check and properly destroy and dispose of it.
    How do I view my Mobile Deposit history? From your mobile app, go to the “Deposit” tab at the bottom of your screen. After you reach the deposit page, click on “View Mobile Deposit History” to see any checks deposited using Mobile Deposit and their current status.