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Volunteer Opportunities Overview

About Credit Union
Credit Unions are a not-for-profit cooperative that helps its members to realize their financial goals and dreams. Members are considered to be "owners" of the Credit Union and as such elect other members to serve on the Board of Directors. It is the Directors responsibility to set Credit Union policies, objectives and long term goals which are considered vital in the health and well being of Greater Kentucky Credit Union. Once elected, Directors have the opportunity to share their business experiences, leadership skills and management capabilities in a team effort.

Why Become A Credit Union Volunteer
Greater Kentucky Credit Union's dedicated Volunteers contribute their leadership, knowledge, ideas, and vision to the benefit of their fellow Credit Union members. In exchange, Volunteers receive valuable practical leadership and management experience, education about financial institutions and management, networking opportunities, travel opportunities and the satisfaction that comes from helping to improve the financial wellbeing of Greater Kentucky Credit Union's membership. Volunteers are essential for corporate governance and for Greater Kentucky Credit Union to fulfill its mission and vision.

Supervisory Committee Overview
Greater Kentucky Credit Union's Supervisory Committee ensures the financial well-being of the Credit Union as well as the prompt preparation of accounting records and reports. The Supervisory Committee ensures the effectiveness of internal checks and balances, adherence to established policies and procedures and the overall safety and soundness of Credit Union operations.

Qualifications of a Credit Union Volunteer
Being a member in good standing of the Credit Union and using the Credit Union's products and services to a reasonable degree.
Having a satisfactory credit and references check.

The Credit Union stresses the importance and relevance of education to our Volunteers. Every year the Credit Union provides opportunities to attend educational forums. These opportunities however may require some overnight travel as participants learn about new trends and developments that are occurring throughout the Credit Union movement.

If you are interested in becoming a Credit Union Volunteer, please CLICK HERE and complete the Volunteer Application or send written inquiry to:

Volunteer Committee
Greater Kentucky Credit Union
1001 Red Mile Road
Lexington, Kentucky 40504

Make The Right Choice – Volunteer

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