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Plan for your child's financial future by opening a Greater Kentucky Credit Union account today. Good money management skills don't happen by accident. Those skills are learned - and the sooner, the better. Help you teach your child or young adults in your family learn these skills by signing them up for a Greater Kentucky Credit Union membership. Where service fees are often lower than the fees charged for similar services at banks. Experience the benefits of a credit union today.

A Greater Kentucky Credit Union Savings and Checking Account of their own can help teens learn financial responsibility and develop good savings habits. These are two traits that will serve them well in adult life. Plus, since Credit Union membership lasts a lifetime, they will be able to rely on us for all their financial needs once they reach adulthood.

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Youth 0 thru 11

At Greater Kentucky Credit Union

We invite our youth, from birth on up, to open their very first Savings Account* with..

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Teens 12 thru 17

An Important Step For Teens

Teens spend billions of dollars in earnings each year on clothing, food..

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College 18 thru 21

Student Savings

It can be a challenge to manage expenses on a limited budget, especially..

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Exposing children early on to the everyday realities of earning money and managing the family's budget can help shape how they feel about money throughout their lives. The following chart outlines the knowledge and skills that students should possess at different grade levels.

By Grade 4

  • Identify the different types and denominations of money.
  • Know about checks and ATM cards—and that you must have money in your account to use them.
  • Understand the concept of borrowing money and paying it back.
  • Compare the advantages and disadvantages of keeping their savings in a piggy bank, credit union or with their parents.


By Grade 8

  • Make a short or intermediate financial goal for themselves.
  • Identify examples of taxes on income, goods and services.
  • Calculate simple interest (math teachers come in handy here, too!).
  • Develop and revise a budget.

By Grade 12

  • Complete simple income tax forms.
  • Reconcile a checking account statement.
  • Compare risks and returns on various savings and investment options.
  • Understand how creditors use credit reports.
  • Compare Annual Percentage Rates (APRs).
  • Identify the balance owed, the grace period and due date on a credit card statement.

Have you ever thought about why money is worth anything? It's just paper and ink, or a small piece of stamped metal. To do a lot of things we need to use money. Money can give you choices and independence.

Have you ever thought about how you could earn your own money? Or, how much money you should save? The way you manage your money could determine if are able to buy food, a movie ticket, a pair of jeans, just about everything. Learn about the history of money, why we use it, how to save it, and how to protect it.

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