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CALL-24 is Greater Kentucky Credit Union's 24-hour telephone access line, which allows you to check account balances, transfer funds, and even make loan payments from any touch-tone telephone.  To access CALL-24, call 859-259-0077 or 800-432-7393 and listen for the option to check your current balance.


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To use CALL-24 , you'll need your member number, your personal identification number, and the sub-account which allows you to access your accounts (sub-accounts can be found on your statement). CALL-24 will prompt you through your account transactions and inquiries as you go - just follow the instructions. You can change your personal identification number (PIN) at anytime. Your PIN should remain secret.   If you do not know your PIN, contact us and we will set you up with a new one. Once you are familiar with CALL-24, simply enter your codes in sequence and you won't have to listen to the computer messages.  Once you stop entering codes, the computer will prompt you for the appropriate code to continue your session.

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