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Our newest location...the palm of your hand!

There’s not much you can’t do with a mobile phone these days. So it’s no surprise that you can easily manage your finances on it, too. Greater Kentucky Credit Union's Mobile Banking can be used any time and from just about anywhere.

As long as you have your mobile phone on you, you’ll have your account on you, too. Just think how convenient Mobile Banking will make it to check your balance or make a quick transaction. It puts the control over your money right in your hands.

Here’s a rundown of just some of the things Mobile Banking will let you do:

Check Balances
Pay Bills
Pay Other People with POP Money
Apply for Loans

Transfer Funds
Schedule Automatic Transfers
Check Multiple Accounts

Schedule Payments

Pay your Loans
Receive Account Alerts
Locate surcharge free ATMs
Find Branch Locations
View Account Transaction History

There’s more than one way to use Mobile Banking.

To start Mobile Banking, Android, iPhone and Blackberry users can download our free* Mobile App on their cell phone. It offers high-quality features specifically designed to meet the individual requirements of each device.

You can also do your Mobile Banking on your cell phone’s browser. Just like on your computer, you’ll have a great-looking interface and very user-friendly functionalities.

Another way to bank on your cell phone is to use our Short Message Service (SMS). You’ll be able to send short code text messages at any time and receive your account information quickly and securely. It’s a simple and convenient way to get quick account information.

Use any of the following SMS codes:

BAL - Balance Inquiry
HIST - Get Transaction History
HELP - Receive a Full List of Short Codes
STOP - Stop Receiving Message Alerts

Ready to start Mobile Banking?

It’s easy to get started. Just log in to Online Banking, go to the Self Services tab and select Mobile Banking and click on Register for Mobile Banking. Then follow the quick steps to complete your registration. Next, download our app from your device's app store or simply click on the links below from your mobile device to download the app.





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